A survey of senior executives in the retail sector has identified as a significant threat, a digital 'skills deficit' amongst chief executives leading the industry. 

With retail businesses becoming more reliant on online and data-driven channels, part of the concern is that many of those at the top have gained experience on and have risen from the 'shop-floor', through traditional retail operations.  

This should self-correct, if retailers promote a diverse career path for those growing up within an evolving business. As one executive surveyed said, “retail businesses need to move people around... They need very high exposure to lots of things – they need outside perspective.”

However, retailers must also be wary of another risk - that of age-related bias. One tech entrepreneur has been quoted as saying that "in the tech world, gray hair and experience are really overrated". Yet, those at the top of any successful business have always been adept at managing change - it is not about age, but about diversity, vision and collaboration.