Death is one of the few certainties in life, yet discussions about it, particularly when it comes to inheritance, are all too few.

For many, discussions about death are deeply uncomfortable and, when it comes to thinking about the future, more often than not it falls to the bottom of the list of "to dos". This is perhaps the reason why so few people in the UK have a will, let alone discuss the subject with their families.  

Generally, however, the more open and transparent families are about death, the fewer the issues that arise following it; this includes expectations of inheritance, right down to the more simple questions of what assets are held and where can they be found.

That is not to say parents must tell their children about what they intend to do or indeed how much they are worth; instead there should not be a taboo around the question of death, and even inheritance. Such discussions may well be uncomfortable but they go a long way to prompting family members into action and allow the next generation to plan for the inevitable day.