As family lawyers we are all witnessing the dangers of social media when feuding couples seek to take revenge by posting, stalking, blogging through such means as facebook and twitter. The latest libel action by a former husband following his disgruntled ex-wife shamelessly posting rather unattractive remarks and allegations about him on his new partners wall, 11/12 years after their divorce, highlights the on going problem even after the estranged couple have fully departed company. 

Whilst my first reaction is to question their use of their privacy settings, I do wonder about the damage that can be done, not only to the person receiving the insults/comments/information (if it can be called that) but to the family at large by such aggressive and public retribution. Perhaps we need to go back to when airing such dirty laundry in public was unacceptable or am I being na├»ve and unrealistic?!